Saturday, May 17, 2014

Before and After.

Hey everypup ~Misty here~

We thought we'd take a trip down memory lane and show you some Before and After shots.  This is whimsy so don't expect any sort of thought out blog post.  BOL.

Here is a look at the view of the corner yard before the big tree in the corner was taken down.  Now we get more light in the mornings and less pine cones and limbs to clean up in the winter.

Before the tree in the corner was taken down.

Tree gone and Forsythia in bloom.
Here we will take a look up at the top of the yard.  This is where we all take off running to either BARK BARK BARK at the neighbors dog (doesn't matter which one - the one on the other side of the fence or the others we can hear a few fences down), EVIL NEMESIS CROWS & SQUIRRELS, or any other noise we deem fit to vocalize at.
Cutter headed up to BARK!!
 Those little twigs down at the center bottom ended up growing into this.  When it's really hot in the summer and we want to get cool we will dig a hole under the Japanese Maple, tearing up other plants that we're not supposed to walk on.  Mom doesn't usually notice until she does a head count on dogs and then one of us will pop out dirty and covered in leaves.
Japanese Maple, dig hole and enjoy the view.

We had to wait 2 whole days to get anything that came out of this for Mom's dinner last week.  When we finally got a taste we demanded more.  Except Mom says she ate all but what she gave us.  I decided then and there I would sit on my SNACK™ for 2 days and NOT share with Mom when I decided to eat it in front of her.

These counters are on kitchen remodel task for the summer.
Bye Bye old counter tops

Corned Beef Hash.  

Here you can see evil lurking on our very own fence!  This cannot be tolerated, allowed, permitted or any of those other words meaning it can just strut along thinking it owns our yard.  The sight of this makes Scooter about explode.  Scooter's not fond of moving much, but he will burst out of his chair, legs akimbo as he launches himself at the back door.  Pulling groin muscle fat and throwing out hips he thunders across the yard notifying the neighborhood that evil is here.

Scooter has banished the aura of evil that was lurking.  Good dog Scooter.
Over here on the deck we've seen the end of the Magnolia trees blooming.  We have 3 of these in our yard.  2 on the back deck and one out front.  The front and one of the back deck is a double white bloom, and the other is the bigger purple tulip type.  Doesn't matter, either version is a mess to walk around and needs to be swept up at least morning and night when they bloom and drop the flowers, while the new flowers grow out they drop small sharp "pickle" shaped things, and then the leaves when they drop.  Everything sticks to our hair and we drag it all inside so Mom can do some gardening inside the house as well.  BOL.

Tulip Magnolia.

Magnolia Mess.
Remember these guys we talked about?  The Snowball Balloon fight flowers?  Well they have finally gone from green to white.  I guess we should tell everyone that you shouldn't eat green snow as well as yellow snow.  BOL!  If you soak these flowers in a bucket of water and throw them at someone they 'splode with water and flower petals.  Anytime you pups want to come over and have a spring snowball fight that doesn't involve cold frozen water falling from the sky, we've got about 2 more weeks of fun.

Green Snowballs - not ready yet for fun.

Ready to have fun with.
Over here we have the Rhododendron that started off first this year.  Do you need a reminder since you don't go out and sit under it every morning taking in the day?
Pink Rhodie.  The Squirrels like to run along the back fence and tease us.

This is why Mom has to "vacuum" the yard.

Well that's my Before and After edition for this week.  Hope all you pups enjoyed it.

Sniff at ya later ~Misty~

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hey everypup ~Misty here~

We had some really nice weather last week.  One day we broke a record at 83 degrees.  At home up on the hill where we are closer to the sun it was 85 degrees when Mom got home.  We all panted outside but did enjoy the warm weather.

Enjoying my own time alone outside.
 I really enjoy my time outside and just sniffing the breeze.  After all, we've usually been stuck in the house together all day long, so if I can be by myself I take the opportunity.  Especially on freshly mowed cool grass.  Mom had to mow the yard when it was in the high 70's and then had to take a shower afterwards.  BOL.

See how distinguished my eyebrows are now that they have turned grey?
Well lets head off to the back deck and show you how the blending of flowers is working out.  I think the one in the middle might be straddling the line and needs to make a decision.  BOL.

UW Huskies.
Orange Azalea.
 This is Mom's favorite Azalea in the yard.  We have so many different bold colors, but this orange one really makes her heart sing.  Take a gander, because this one only lasts for a couple days before either the rain washes it out or the sun zaps it.

Did you know that we can grow snowballs here in the Pacific Northwest?  They still need to ripen up a bit because they still look a bit green, but here's part of our crop for the summer.  Once they get bigger and the weather is warmer they are really fun to soak in a bucket of water and have "flower-balloon" fights.  They 'splode and you get flower petals stuck all over.  Silly humans.  These are the same ones that set up a sprinkler in the summer to run through to cool off.


Green snowballs.

We'll check up on these guys next week when they are ripe and ready.
 This guy is called Lupine and is just starting to get going.  We'll come back and those bright green spikes will be purple and about a foot long.  We'll visit this one in 2 or 3 weeks while it continues to enjoy the rain and sunshine.
 The Rosemary made it through the winter and has now flowered.  Next time you see it, it will be whacked down for fresh growing and chiggen seasoning for this year.
 Well enough of that part of the yard, we still have Rhodies and Azaleas we need to check up on.  Soon the flower burst will be done for those guys for the year and we will roll into another wave of flower season.  Enjoy it with us, the sniffing is wonderful and there is always something great to look at until November.

Azalea Avenue.

Along the upper walking path.

Purple Power.
Our humble abode in the background.  'Cept we sleep on the other side of the house.

Are your eyes tired from all the brightness yet?

Off to Rhododendron Road.

Mom says she imagines these flowers sing really loud.  BOL

We can do Wedding White as well.  

We'll try and get Mom out to the front yard where even different stuff is taking off.  Until then, we've just got more rain headed our way.

Sniff at ya later ~Misty~