Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Can We Talk?

Hey everypup ~Misty here~

It's not spring in the air, but for some reason I'm a very happy dog today.  Most times I come out and hang with Mom after she gets home until I can't stand looking at the other dogs (especially Pepper!) and Mom has stopped giving out SNACKS.  Then I head back to the Queen of All I Survey Bed.

Hey, wait!  This isn't the right bed!

Tonight I chose to stay out and take over the couch.
My best "Smirk".

It was worth it because Mom was doing a stir fry and the smells once she got done with the prep work was worth staying.  She put Chiggen in it too and we all got a little taste before she packed up the rest to take to lunch tomorrow at work.

I did head back to bed when the dishes were being done.  The sound of running water tends to make me tuck tail and run just in case.

Sniff at ya later ~Misty~

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Queen Misty's Tour of the House.

Hey everypup ~Misty here~

Does anypup out there want a tour of our abode?  Sure you do, I'd want a sniffing tour of your house as well.  BOL.

Here is the entry to our hovel.  As you can see we have fearsome guards out front to keep our SNACKS safe.

Not just any kitteh's.  We have Meerkitteh's!

Sure, you can tell we live in the Pacific Northwest and the house needs a good scrubbing for moss, but that's for a later spring day.

There is green grass places to rest if you are tired from sniffing around.  I'll get on Mom about leaving her tools out in the elements.  Those things don't just grow on trees you know!

See back behind the chair.  That is Winnifred, our good luck garden turtle.  Every garden needs one!

If you want to stretch your legs, we have a pergola to enjoy in the rain or the sunshine.
For those pups that like to rough it, we even have a tree house of sorts.  Carry out what you carry in is all we ask!
Also you might want to sleep with your head on the upward slant.  
Back to where we spend most of our time.  
That's not really Mom.  We had to hire a stunt double for a picture.

See Mom there standing with the flower bucket.  BOL.  She's kind of pointing at 
Winnifred the turtle.  Off to the left is Myrtle the Turtle.  
We've harvested some wheat grass in the wheelbarrow and are headed back to the house.

We have a side yard to enjoy.

Even a bird bath.  Except we'd drive Mom nuts if birds visited so it's just there for "ambiance".

We even have guests that stop by.

That is not a "birdhouse".  It's where Batman really lives.

So that's it pups.  Our yard we are always barking about.  Stop by if you have time.  You can tell we have plenty of room to roam.

Sniff at ya later ~Misty~

Friday, January 17, 2014

We'll Figure This All Out.

Hey everypup ~Misty here~

One thing I forgot about a blog is that you can be berking err - barking along.  Wait, let's fix that...

You can be BARKING  along and do fun stuff.

You can put up links really easy.  And also pictures are easy to add!  You can make them big, small, move them left or right.

Scooter's new page

Mr. Cutter's page

Too close?

and reluctantly I give to you 

Pepper's page.

Look, you can even write off to the side.  See, she is focusing so much on SNACKS she might not  be getting that we can talk about her and she won't even pay attention.

Pepper I think you are (&$^#%$Y%)()&&%$.  And a bossy britches to boot!

Have fun everypup.

Sniff at ya later ~Misty~

Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Study of Sleep.

It never ceases to amaze me that sleep is so easy and obtained in such bliss.
I'd love to be able to achieve this slumber.

Well perhaps not with a spare dish beside me.

Because this may happen.

And sleep is what we do well.

Sniff at ya later ~Misty~

Hey everypup ~Misty here~

Yes it has been a while since I've been on blogger, but you will see me here much more often since Dogster will be closing the section we always used.  This is a sad day for all of our pup pals.

You may notice my tone of blog entries will have changed - I am bringing over my Dogster personality here.
Hoping my pup pals make it over to read the stuff I have here.

Sniff at ya later ~Misty~