Friday, February 28, 2014

Hey everypup ~Misty here~

As always, the Queen of All She Surveys is a bit grumpy.  You need not ask why, as I will tell you enhance your knowledge.

#10 & #9.  THE OTHERS are still living with us. At first I tried to outright banish them from my Queendom,  but got overruled by Mom.  Then I tried eBark, Peeslist, Sniffmatch, still could not get rid of them.  Offered to pay the shipping fee, but Mom told me there was no way she was driving me to the Post Office to mail it so I eventually had to give up on that plan.

OTHER #1.  Cutter.

OTHER #2.  Pepper.

I'd give up at least one canine tooth to get rid of this annoying black and white fluff of a dog.  She annoys me to no end.  Just her being alive annoys me.

# 8.  Yesterday it snowed, today it is raining.
Cutter and Scooter's "Morning Wood" tree.
This is where they both lift their legs in the morning sniffing the air and looking entirely too proud of themselves.

Slippery When Wet.

See how wet, sloppy, gushy and not much fun to hang out in it is out there.   Well sometimes I do like to just go hang out there by myself and commune with nature, but there is only so many rain drops to the ears that you can tolerate.

#7.  House Cleaning.  It's bad enough the Sucky Machine™ (thanks Jelly) was out in full force.  Not only the big machine that sucks stuff up from the floor, but also the hand held one that you never know what it will be doing.  I've seen it on the ceiling, under the furniture, on the furniture, along the corners of the floors and walls, in the dryer vent, out in the garage in Mom's car.  Then the dusting and polishing, folding of clothes, lectures on how we should learn to stop shedding so much hair, tracking in muddy feet over what was just cleaned, mopping the floors and hearing the "tsk" sound at some of the paw prints tracked through it before it was dry.
Sucky Machine™.  Pure Evilness with a handle.

#6.  All my best spots seem to be occupied right now.

#5.  I had to wait in line today to even get a kibble in my belly.  Like I was a pauper all of a sudden.
How did this come to be?

Snowy frozen water dish.  

It's clear my servants have revolted.  Who wakes up to a frozen water dish and a light dusting of snow and then has to come inside to wait in line for the gruel we are given.

#4.  This is what Mom had.  Didn't have to wait in any line.  Also we didn't get any tasting and had to watch what we could have nibbled on be tossed into the garbage.  Something about the bones being too small and we could die.  I'd have taken my chances.
Mom's basic Chiggen recipe.
This time with Cornish Game Hens.

Mom can never get her hand shadow out of
the picture.  See it on the lower left.

Not a smidgen crossed a dogs lips.
The torture.
The horror.
The neglect.

#4.  There is a reason no pup wants to go out when it is soggy outside.  There is no reason to bring it inside and tell us we "smell" better.
This is my living in a rainforest look.

Some shrinkage will occur with cold water.
#3.  Just because somebody else's girth is King Henry VIII size means this is our new SNACK™.
Pillow Lifting Champion.  Girth is needed.


Anybody got a compost bin I can toss this into?

#2.  Again my favorite spots are taken.  Will it never end?
Always an opinion from Pepper.

No room here with Cutter.

Scooter has this spot taken.

#1.  It took me all day long to finally reach nirvana.  That's way too long for this Queen.  I've taken notes and things will change tomorrow!

 I DO NOT snore!
Can YOU hear anything?
Well that's what I have to say for today.  I'm sure you will see my decree on respecting Queen Misty.

Sniff at ya later ~Misty~

Friday, February 7, 2014

Hey everypup ~Misty here~

Wow, the weather has been cold here this week for Pacific Northwest.  Usually the average is 40 degrees, and so far for the first week of February we've seen it dip to the teens overnight, not rising above freezing since last weekend.

For instance this is our water dish this morning we found outside.
Frozen solid.

Do you like Mom's puppet figure to the left.
Her pinkie finger is always lifted
The sky was clear and blue allowing us to get in trouble barking at stuff like this.
Da Plane.  Da Plane.
Pawsonally I find it refreshing to sit outside and reflect on the beauty of my domain.  Sometimes I take out my SNACK out with me and hide it when I'm alone.  I like to cure my SNACKS outside so I can pester Mom at an inconvenient time.  A perfect time would be if she's doing dishes and her hands are wet.  BOL.

My brother Scooter, the Heat Leech, did a good portion of the day doing this.
I think his eyes are open.
Yoga Master exhibiting "Flayed Frog".

Being a Queen, I chose the most comfortable spot.
Always insist on extra pillows.
Then Cutter photobombed the entire situation.

Do not look into those eyes, instead tweak his black button nose!

Always alert.

Cutter snags the squishy doughnut dog bed for ultimate comfort.

Pepper chose to take a nap or two as well during the day.
Zzzzzz Sigh Zzzzzzz
All in all, not a bad way to spend your day.

Sniff at ya later ~Misty~