Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Catch Up.

Hey everypup ~Misty here~

How have all you pups been doing this spring?  Long time no bark from the Pacific Northwest.  Sorry about that.  I blame Mom, and she blames something called "Work".  Pawsonally I believe she just goes to "Work" to get away from us 5 days a week, but that's ok because all we do here is sleep and bark.  BOL.

Let's see, we last time I barked out any news, Mom had gone on vacation to Victoria, BC Canada, our neighbors to the north of us.  We updated you on Pepper Power and how she is now sniffing, barking, smiling and doing "Privacy Please" all around the Rainbow Bridge.

Well this guy, he had some challenges last month too.

They shaved my leg.  Mom says I'm now 1/8th Poodle.  

Mr. Cutter had to go to the V-E-T and stay 2 whole days.  Once again bladder stone surgery was needed for one of the Papillon Pack.  So Mr. Cutter and I have that in common now.  That had better be the only thing we ever have in common - he's more annoying than my brother Scooter.  Mr. Cutter got his stitches out last week and the V-E-T gave him the all clear and said he was doing great.  We have to switch up the prescription food again, and it only comes in 10 lb bags.  Mom sighed and said that's just going to be $$$, but I have no idea what that means because I only speak Milkbones™.  Except Mom says when the SNACK™ cabinet runs dry we are S.O.L., which I am guessing doesn't mean SpoiledOverLoad does it?

Any pup out there want to know what has been happening in our backyard?

It all started with this kind of stuff.  I think our yard was hit with a virus or something, because these things started coming out again.

Tree RAT

Practicing Downward Dog Pose.


Get off MY lawn!!!

Stellar Blue Jay

Stop hiding your peanuts in our yard!
SQUIRREL Alert to the left on the wall.
(Also lots of weeding needs to be done still.  Lazy Mom.)
Spring starts with this kind of stuff because that's what we are famous for in the Pacific Northwest.  Moss and Fungus among us.

You can't avoid this when the world is wet all the time.

Alien World

Fungus flowers growing.

In the Pacific Northwest looking at moss to find out where North is doesn't work.  This is Southwest facing moss. 
Then this guy stopped by thinking he was going to party and brought his own house as well.

If I Could Walk 500 Miles.
Mom doesn't have any of that stuff going on in her yard if she sees it so that dude was tossed over the fence to the neighbors that don't take care of their backyard at all.  Don't tell anyone BOL.  If they are naked aka slugs, she is much more brutal.  We'll keep what happens in the backyard to slugs a secret, but she should be considered a slug serial killer.

This started growing again, so Zombie Patrol will be added to the guard duty.  Could use Whitley and Finley's help with some pointers and suggestions.

Arggghhh.  It lives!

Just in case, we made sure we have some good karma looking over the house.  Make sure to rub the bellah when you wander by.

He's not even looking toward the garden!

Now that's a bellah!!

Rub it, you know you want to!
Meanwhile we had to remodel the fairy garden.  Can you believe how the last tenants left it in shambles?  No security deposit back for them for sure!

This is after an overhaul of the yard nobody maintained over the winter months.

The Love Shack is back in business!!

Remodeled, but not for sale.
So I hope all you pups and your people are staying busy and staying healthy!!  Know that we still think of all of you often and love you even more.

Sniff at ya later ~Queen Misty~

~Queen Misty~

PS.  We'll try and update a little more often, so don't give up on us.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Papillon Pack Checking in.

Hey everypup, ~Misty Here~

I'll bet all you pups out there who still remember The Papillon Pack are wondering what we've been up to since the end of summer.  Sometimes you have to get right up in your Mom's face and make her feel guilty, drag her to the computer by her funny looking paws and barktate in staccato until the job gets done.

Napping up here in the balmy Pacific Northwest this winter has been almost like a continual spring season for us, only with that warm thing in the sky we usually don't see from October until the end of May.  The SUNHINE.  BOL.  We have flowers blooming that shouldn't be for a full month yet and Mom is worried that we'll see our typical spring weather and then all the flowers will suffer.  Those of you pups that are out there in the negative degrees, under mountains of snow and looking at the same with no end in sight, we really do worry about you all.  Stay warm, safe and well.

The Papillon Pack all had their woofdays last week, but Mom wasn't even here to celebrate with us.  She was "out of the country" on "vacation".  So we spent the week with our Uncle J.  Want to know where she went?  Take a look.

Everything but the Leash part makes sense to us.  

The famous Empress hotel.  All the old beauties need a beauty regime at times.

Parliament Building.
Mom took a week off and went to Victoria, BC.  That's our awesome neighbors to the north of us a ferry ride away.  Thanks for your beautiful landscape, open hospitality and the ability to change how the word "out" is spoken so differently just 150 miles to the north of us.  BOL.

So to keep you up to date on things, remember when I looked like this?  (Picture taken in summer a few many years ago).

Well look at me now!!

BOL.  Did you fall for that?  Mom thought that was sooooo funny.  That's just a kitteh she saw in Victoria on her trip back to replenish her Bodka Dwip™ and had to put her bag down to take this picture.  (For the record the Bodka Dwip™ was not hooked up during transport).

Does any pup out there know what to do with one of these?  Mom says they bark just like us pups and have horrible fish breath, belch and think they are the life of the party.

Scooter, what are you doing in here?  Go back to your own blog!!

Back to the actual original question.  Bark or BARKBARKBARK?



We have more news to share, but it is on a sad note and adds an Angel crossing the Rainbow Bridge.  Perhaps tomorrow..

Sniff at ya later.  ~Misty, Queen of all I Survey~