Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Flower Power.

Hey everypup ~Misty here~

As you all know, I'm a girl of nature.  I enjoy my time outside to myself (including Mom at times).  I often get to see things most of the other Papillon Pack chooses to pass on by.

The Pacific Northwest can grow palm trees from moss.  
The Rhododendrons and Azaleas are reaching their full cycle and colors are changing every week.  They bloom lightest to darkest "generally".  BOL.

This one is a tricky one.  See how it is all pink at the beginning.
I start out Princess Pink.
 Then I fade to pure white.

Pink fades to White on this Rhododendron.  

Stepping away from the back deck we will stroll across the yard to the PNW favorite this time of the year.  The tulip.
2 Tulips.

Two tulips.

Too tulips

To the tulips.Beware of the dangerous Dandelion. 
Hey everypup, did you get all that above?  Mom says it was a play on words, but until I can actually explain it to Scooter you'll have to figure it out yourselves.  BOL.

This is a happy Petunia!
Remember the Rhodie from above that was busy changing colors?  Look what has stopped by for a visit.

Now you see me.
 We need bumblebees around here.

Now you don't.
Want to check up on the pink that is happening on the big Rhodie and the small Azalea that is blooming?  Let's all walk across the yard and check it out.
Trying hard to find something to BARK at.

Mr. Cutter smiles.

These pink Rhodies actually stay pink.  BOL

Pink Azalea - really good to hide under when it is hot.
Tomorrow is packed full of more outdoor activity and sniffing activity.  We'll update you all as we hit the middle of spring around here.  Hope all you other pups are having good sniffing and flower power weather.

Sniff at ya later ~Misty~

Friday, April 25, 2014


Hey everypup ~Misty here~

Well, first off these people are back: The Parents.  They've been traveling since way back in late October 2010 and are only here for a brief 2 month rest before heading off again.  Mom had to pick up Mom's Mom so early this morning that we dogs were dilly dallying around in the yard while Mom was tapping her feet.  The sun is out Mom, why do you want us to come inside at a time when we wouldn't even be out of bed yet?

Only birds like this time of day!!
Off Mom went to pick up her Mom to drive back to our house so the car that has been parked here for her was back for her to use again.  Something about an early morning Dogtor appointment.  All I know is Scooter was happy it wasn't him going to the V-E-T!

We sniffed and barked and wagged our tails to see family back around.  Word has it that there will be a feast tomorrow and much talking, belleh sckritching and finally some well deserved attention from humans that are deprived of living with a dog.  BOL.

But seriously, I know I will get the most belleh skritches from Mom's Mom.  Mom's Dad, he's a sucker for Cutter.  Boys are silly!

Then off to "work" Mom went.

Ho hum.  Might as well take a bit of a nap until she gets home.

When Mom got home, the sun was shining, we were all out watching Mom decide what plant out there gets to live and which one is tossed into a bucket. She says it's her way of getting "even" with all the annoyances that she encounters at work.  When she weeds, she plucks every bad thought out with the weed and tosses it into a bucket to send to the curb to be picked up.

Let it be known right now!  I was the first to raise the alarm about the intruder out front.

This was not just a neighbor coming home.  

This was not just "our" cat walking by.  

This was not just the Surprise Box delivery dude/dudess delivering something.

THIS.  Was a big brown dog staring at us right through our front window.  Streaking his big dog paws up on the window, smearing his bog dog nose on our window as he danced from side to side barking at us.

Let it be known right now!  I endorsed the full Papillon Explosion that erupted.  How....HOW dare this rapscallion try and enter out domain?

Mom...Mom...Mom why did you close the window blinds?  Fine we can still see the shadow and defend our property!

~Meanwhile I (Mom) slip out to the garage where the door is open hoping the dog is friendly (looks to be from the wagging tail and the fact it has a collar on).  Sure enough, very energetic and blasts past me to the dog door to the house from the garage.  This is mostly for Lucy Kitteh and there is a dog gate to keep small dogs from getting to the back room and garage...  Imagine my surprise when the dog plops through the dog door and now I'm wondering if it will lunge through what I know will not hold it at all.  The Papillon Pack is defending their turf, I grab the red collar and shove it back through the open garage door and slam it shut.  Of course it pops it's huge head back in, so I grab the part that you slide in to block any entry.  Thinking I'm semi safe and just need to get the dogs to stop barking, I had forgotten that I'd left the back slider open  So all 4 tear off to the side gate to bark at the intruder.  I run through the house, go out and 3 out of 4 are high tailing it away before I really start yelling.  Wondering if the dog made it through the fence I dash around and it's just Pepper giving her final words to the issue.  I scamper them back inside.  Then I go back out to the garage  met by a very large dog head, panting and grinning at me.  I slam the door closed.  Then I open it back up and push out and grab his collar.  Charlie.  Saw enough to see his address and then he bolted away.  2 neighbors were out by now from all the racket and me yelling at my dogs and that dog, and then our neighbor from the bottom of the hill walked up with her dog on a leash.  Charlie had been at her house for a while, she'd called the number but nobody answered.  I had the address and it's the same "road" address, but not the right "road".  Weird huh ~ too many cul-de-sacs and a 218XX vs 228XX = 4 blocks the other direction.  This is where my story ends because I was barefoot and 3 other neighbors were on the trail.~

Mom...Mom...Mom, do I have control of my blog back now?  Geez.  Pups do you feel my pain?

Even though the Big Headed Dog has been gone for hours, we are still on full alert.  Especially after the Opossom (that's how we spell it around here, deal with it) incident last weekend.  That's a story for Pepper and Cutter to tell.

Sniff at ya later ~Misty, Queen of All I Survey!!~

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Day Scooter Lost his Marbles. Also New Neighbors Move in.

Hey everypup ~Misty here~

We've been doing double duty this weekend.  Trying to get out full amount of napping in and following Mom around the backyard as she fiddles around.  Not like with a musical fiddle, that would be worse than listening to Pepper sing!.

She's been pulling stuff up, chopping stuff off, stuffing buckets full of stuff into a bigger bucket that will get hauled out Monday for early morning Tuesday noise making pick up.

She got the lawn mowed and the clean up crew settled in for some edging work.
Nom Nom Nom.  Fresh grass.
 This went on for a while.
Nom Nom Nom.  Fresh grass.
 Cutter was buzzing back and forth across the yard, through the house, back across the yard, and just put that on repeat until you want to just rig up some twine and trip him just once.  BOL.
Here I Come to Save the Day.

Paws of Lightning.

Pointed Ears.

Dog With Floofy Tail.

Oh, nothing up here to save.
 Meanwhile Scooter has discovered he has no inner "bovine" in him.  It's sadly just outer "bovine" he is packing around.
Bluch!!  Grass is gross.

Did you see that?
Well look behind me - that's an entire pot full of WEEDS Mom hasn't even bothered to move yet.
 Scooter takes some time to pretend nothing has happened.  I think he needs to teach courses in this topic.
Just scratching my ears in the sunshine.
And then this happened.  Except Scooter was inside taking his nap in the stale house air.  Too much fresh air and he gets tired.


Right there on top of our fence.

By the time Scooter got out to take a look.

Please cue evil bird type music.

Now this EVIL NEMESIS CROW!! and the entire EVIL NEMESIS CROW!! family live around here.  Somewhere in some of those trees you see up yonder.  They steal stuff all the time.  Especially this time of the year when they are building nests.  We still have a clay 1 1/2" clay pot the scoundrels flew off with that they decided was too heavy and dropped it on our roof.

Remember  Cutter's talk about Hens & Chiggens?

They'll take as much of these as they want while Mom is at work and we can't do a thing about it because we are napping and stuff.  I mean I'm in the spa, the other minions under my domain are getting docked in their pay!

Well Mom had been helping the new neighbors move in.  Helping them landscape and making it all comfy.  The house had been in shambles since the winter weather took toll.  Of course we all hung outside basking in sunshine or shade as needed.
Mid summer last year.

The old summer abode is not as tidy as this picture looks.

So then this bugger came back for a visit only he stole stuff off the deck.  He took Scooter's bag of marbles.
Scooter's marbles.  

After the EVIL NEMESIS CROW!! tried to fly off with an open bag.
So we need to do what we can to save Scooter's marbles and still help the neighbors move in.  After we've all calmed down from the horrendous incident (I of course leading the charge from the safety of the deck benches) we got down to some serious work.

Scooter checking in for yard patrol.
Fresh air to the front, warm butt in the house.
First we threw in some new lawn.
We still have some work to do Mom still has some work to do so I think we'll just head on back into the house until there is something more exciting going on.  

Still lacking in a bit of curb appeal if you ask me.
 Mom tried to have a bird sanctuary.
Tweet, tweet, twitter, cheep, cheep.


Until this Quacker thought he could settle in.

Fly along noisy Quacker!

The front yard is taking shape for the ol' Loveshack.  
Who knew our new neighbors would be so groovy.  They've got glow in the dark mood lighting, lucky turtles, pink chiggens...they might have it all.

Pink Chiggens!!

Can you see any of Scooter's marbles?

Well that's been our afternoon so far today.  Hope all you other pups out there are getting fresh air, skritches to your belleh and extra sunshine hours to laze in.

Sniff at ya later ~Misty~

Monday, April 7, 2014

MEATZ™!! It's What's for Dinner!

Hey everypup ~Misty here~

I was laying in my afternoon napping spot while Mom was mucking around in the kitchen.
Honest, I'm paying attention.
 Once the hubbub in there settled down I noticed she was putting this in the oven.  Can't wait until this starts making the house smell like dogs are going to be spoiled rotten tonight.  BOL.

Notice how Mom is keeping HER veggies for dinner
from contaminating our MEATZ™ dinner.
'cept for those onion rings and stuff.
 Well until there is something worth barking at or dinner is ready, I'm ready for the rest of my afternoon nap.  So if you will excuse me.

Nap attack approaching.

I'm serious Mom, I'm ready for the rest of my nap.

Go away Mom!  

Do I need to BOOP you in the face to get that camera away from me?

Until the Meatz™ is done, I'm still taking the rest of my nap.

Sniff at ya later ~Misty~

Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Case of the Giggles.

Hey everypup ~Misty here~

I have a case of the giggles.  Whenever Mom skritches my tummy just right I get the giggles.

Hee Hee Hee

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho



Stop!!  You're pulling my leg!

You're killin' me!

Thanks for the skritches Mom!
That's my giggly face.  Do any of you pups have giggly faces?

Sniff at ya later ~Misty~