Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I do wonder if the weather will turn so that it isn't so unpleasant to just go outside. First the terrible Snow Storm 2008 in which cabin fever set in at day 5. Frazzling nerves to a whopping day 10 upon which patches of earth could be seen. To lighten moods up for the holidays it stayed cold and snowed enough to keep the mood jolly. Yep - right through the new year.I wonder if the last week can see so much extreme weather here in the PNW. Here we exceeded a foot and a half for 14+ days. Well it built up over 10 days - but it never melted which is the point.

Sunday we watched 4" fall and stick. Mind you since Snow Storm 2008 I have not been to work for 18 days. Looking at 19 was not a thing I wanted to face.

Monday our faux snow plow (truck w/ blade on front) made it's way around at 10ish. Never mind that I didn't see a single plow in the neighborhood until 11 days into snowfall the week before. Rain is falling helping to melt the slush that is making life miserable.

Tuesday wind has hit our little neck of the woods. High wind. Loud wind. Howling wind. Power outing wind. Now the rain starts.

Wednesday rain has hit arrived. The great winter squal we all know around here. Rain slicing sideways across the roads, windows, walkways; smashing in waves and rolling in the blustering wind. Trees feel the fury of the blustering wind and angy answers in the downpour of rain.

Can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring us. I'm personally hoping when I drive down my little hill I won't see a 3' pile of snow of snow plow gunk. That and that the city will send a street cleaner out here to suck up all the sand and salt they left on the road. All this rain and snow melt isn't the answer.


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