Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Can We Talk?

Hey everypup ~Misty here~

It's not spring in the air, but for some reason I'm a very happy dog today.  Most times I come out and hang with Mom after she gets home until I can't stand looking at the other dogs (especially Pepper!) and Mom has stopped giving out SNACKS.  Then I head back to the Queen of All I Survey Bed.

Hey, wait!  This isn't the right bed!

Tonight I chose to stay out and take over the couch.
My best "Smirk".

It was worth it because Mom was doing a stir fry and the smells once she got done with the prep work was worth staying.  She put Chiggen in it too and we all got a little taste before she packed up the rest to take to lunch tomorrow at work.

I did head back to bed when the dishes were being done.  The sound of running water tends to make me tuck tail and run just in case.

Sniff at ya later ~Misty~