Friday, February 7, 2014

Hey everypup ~Misty here~

Wow, the weather has been cold here this week for Pacific Northwest.  Usually the average is 40 degrees, and so far for the first week of February we've seen it dip to the teens overnight, not rising above freezing since last weekend.

For instance this is our water dish this morning we found outside.
Frozen solid.

Do you like Mom's puppet figure to the left.
Her pinkie finger is always lifted
The sky was clear and blue allowing us to get in trouble barking at stuff like this.
Da Plane.  Da Plane.
Pawsonally I find it refreshing to sit outside and reflect on the beauty of my domain.  Sometimes I take out my SNACK out with me and hide it when I'm alone.  I like to cure my SNACKS outside so I can pester Mom at an inconvenient time.  A perfect time would be if she's doing dishes and her hands are wet.  BOL.

My brother Scooter, the Heat Leech, did a good portion of the day doing this.
I think his eyes are open.
Yoga Master exhibiting "Flayed Frog".

Being a Queen, I chose the most comfortable spot.
Always insist on extra pillows.
Then Cutter photobombed the entire situation.

Do not look into those eyes, instead tweak his black button nose!

Always alert.

Cutter snags the squishy doughnut dog bed for ultimate comfort.

Pepper chose to take a nap or two as well during the day.
Zzzzzz Sigh Zzzzzzz
All in all, not a bad way to spend your day.

Sniff at ya later ~Misty~


  1. Your pillow spot looks pretty comfy to me!

  2. Nappin' is the way to spend da day in dis kinda weather...

  3. Yur bwue skies wook weal pwetty! Yu pupses du nod BARKBARKBARK at airpwanes, du yu??? Dat wood be weal cwazee!!

  4. Your pillow sure looks inviting! I too like to age my cookies but Puffy keeps on stealing them from me.

  5. Crikey I've just found you. I wasn't following you before but I'm just about to.

  6. Long time no bark-- hope you pups and your Momma is all okay....