Saturday, March 15, 2014

Where I am Not, Yet Mom is.

Hey everypup ~Misty here~

Mom went on vacation to Ocean Shores while Scooter and I went to "staycation" at our favorite sleepover times MsL.  Scooter runs with the big dog Booger and I get spoiled by MsL.  Who even cares if Pepper and Cutter got to stay at home while another friend watched them.  I'm just happy that I'm getting extra-extra-extra attention from MsL because she loves me most!

Mom's been sending me pictures on my iBone and I thought I'd share them with my comments being returned.

Them's the weirdest looking guard dogs I've ever seen!

The next one we got a few minutes later.

Waaaaayyyyy over that away is the other side of the world.

The weather was supposed to be kind of like this all weekend at Ocean Shores.  Suffering from AbandondedDogSpoiledSyndrome I fully approved of the weather forecast!

Cranky Weather.

Juicy Clouds.



Wavering Outcast.

Encroaching Cold Front.


Sniff at ya later ~Misty~


  1. Sounds like a win/win fur evfurrybuddy. Efun if the weather is bein cantankerous.

  2. Those aren't guard dog - they are dog treats. Use your IBone to ask momma to bring one, or more, of them back for you and the rest of the pack. I'm sure she will have plenty of room in her suitcase for them.

  3. Those guard dogs look like our Roos only with longer front legs and shorter tails and way over that away IS the other side of the world and ME! Doesn't matter what the weather is. The sea always looks good, aye? Nice piccies!

  4. I wuff da sea. It weminds me ob my days, wong 'go, in da Scottish Naby. Dem wuz da days, dat r fur shur! Whut da heck kinda pupses r dose??? BOL :D

  5. The Scottish Navy huh Zpup! I can see you with your paws on the helm, squinting into the stormy weather daring Mother Nature to "Bring it ON".

  6. Yu kno' it, Scooter! Aye an' bye an' stuff! Hey, yur Mom kno' yu r da Dog ob da Week ober on Dogster???

  7. Great photos!! and dem is deer-- also known as venison... which are meatz on da hoof!

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