Monday, April 7, 2014

MEATZ™!! It's What's for Dinner!

Hey everypup ~Misty here~

I was laying in my afternoon napping spot while Mom was mucking around in the kitchen.
Honest, I'm paying attention.
 Once the hubbub in there settled down I noticed she was putting this in the oven.  Can't wait until this starts making the house smell like dogs are going to be spoiled rotten tonight.  BOL.

Notice how Mom is keeping HER veggies for dinner
from contaminating our MEATZ™ dinner.
'cept for those onion rings and stuff.
 Well until there is something worth barking at or dinner is ready, I'm ready for the rest of my afternoon nap.  So if you will excuse me.

Nap attack approaching.

I'm serious Mom, I'm ready for the rest of my nap.

Go away Mom!  

Do I need to BOOP you in the face to get that camera away from me?

Until the Meatz™ is done, I'm still taking the rest of my nap.

Sniff at ya later ~Misty~


  1. Hope yu din't have to nap too long afore the MEATZ™ smells tickled yur nose an yu woke up.

  2. O.M.D. I can smell it fwum here!! Yu'r cute when yu r nappin', Misty!