Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Flower Power.

Hey everypup ~Misty here~

As you all know, I'm a girl of nature.  I enjoy my time outside to myself (including Mom at times).  I often get to see things most of the other Papillon Pack chooses to pass on by.

The Pacific Northwest can grow palm trees from moss.  
The Rhododendrons and Azaleas are reaching their full cycle and colors are changing every week.  They bloom lightest to darkest "generally".  BOL.

This one is a tricky one.  See how it is all pink at the beginning.
I start out Princess Pink.
 Then I fade to pure white.

Pink fades to White on this Rhododendron.  

Stepping away from the back deck we will stroll across the yard to the PNW favorite this time of the year.  The tulip.
2 Tulips.

Two tulips.

Too tulips

To the tulips.Beware of the dangerous Dandelion. 
Hey everypup, did you get all that above?  Mom says it was a play on words, but until I can actually explain it to Scooter you'll have to figure it out yourselves.  BOL.

This is a happy Petunia!
Remember the Rhodie from above that was busy changing colors?  Look what has stopped by for a visit.

Now you see me.
 We need bumblebees around here.

Now you don't.
Want to check up on the pink that is happening on the big Rhodie and the small Azalea that is blooming?  Let's all walk across the yard and check it out.
Trying hard to find something to BARK at.

Mr. Cutter smiles.

These pink Rhodies actually stay pink.  BOL

Pink Azalea - really good to hide under when it is hot.
Tomorrow is packed full of more outdoor activity and sniffing activity.  We'll update you all as we hit the middle of spring around here.  Hope all you other pups are having good sniffing and flower power weather.

Sniff at ya later ~Misty~


  1. Yu pups sure got the green paws and grow real good stuff.
    Very purdy! An Mommy says "whimsical" even though I don't know whut that means.

  2. Pretty flowers! I luv being outside wif flowers too.

  3. your flowers are so pretty! We have lots of wild rhododendrons around where I like, but none of them are blooming yet. The forsythia is out and bloomed all pretty and yellow, though!

  4. Weal pwetty fwowers, pupses! I wuff yur yard, tu. Yur gwass r so nice an' gween. I bet it smells weal gud!

  5. Thanks everypup ~ remember it's green because it rains here so much. We'll have to do an entry on all the moss that grows around here. BOL. Glad you all enjoy the flowers as much as we do.