Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hello. We Are All Still Alive.

Hey everypup ~Misty here~

It's been a long time since we've had the energy to get to a posting on the interweb.   Certain girl dogs have had some issues with "urine incontinence", but more horrifying is that Mom has been in and out of the hospital twice in less than a month.  She says it's worse than going to the V-E-T if you can believe that.

She named him Ferdinand.
 This was her "paid escort" for a week.

She begged, she pleaded, she couldn't get them to set up the Bodka Dwip™ to the IV.

Something about that not being an approved "clear liquid" to apply via IV.

I'm pretty sure these pictures were taken after she'd been tippling the pain medication section of her "escort".

Bodka Dwip™ need not be applied any longer.

Want to see what they fed her at the human V-E-T?



Repeat for 4 days.

Mom ended up in the hospital twice in a month from Diverticulitis with an abscess that was sucked out first and then had to have a drain put in on the second hospital stay.  The drain stayed in for 2 weeks and another CT scan is in her near future (will make 10 since the beginning of June.  The next one may make her glow in the dark).

This was her other friend for 2 weeks.  Mom dubbed it her "hip hugger".

Yucky Stuff.
Pups, I know you've wondered what happened to us while Mom was in the hospital being IV'd and blood tested, blood pressure and vitals every couple hours around the clock, antibiotics and happy medication being applied via the IV vein highway.  Just so happens that Mom had her best friends from Arizona up here that week on vacation.  Too bad they had to stop by to see Mom at the hospital, but they took amazing care of us.  Nor was it planned that less than 48 hours after they arrived she'd be at the emergency room and then out of commission for a week.

Meanwhile I've had to go to the V-E-T as well a couple weeks ago, make that about 3 weeks ago since I was at the V-E-T before Mom spent a week at the hospital.  I'm getting old and un-lady like.  Mom says I need Depends or something.  So instead I HAVE to take these nasty pills twice a day.  Sure, they are supposed to be chew-able and MEATZ™ flavored.  Sure, every other Papillon in the house would DIE to snarf my portion up.  Sure, the first day I ate them right up.  Sure, the second day, I ate them with some cheese around the.  Sure, on the 5th day, I was fooled into eating one with ham wrapped around it.  Otherwise, I let Mom shove it in my mouth and then hold it until she's not looking and then spit it out for Pepper to eat up.  Even Scooter or Cutter will do if they are the closest.

We've been found out since I've been leaking on my pillow on the bed.  Mom says the essence o' urine isn't something pleasant to roll over and sniff in the middle of the night.  Good news is I get a new pillow - Bad news is Mom says she doesn't have a spare pillow so I'll have to rough it on the hard bed until the new one comes in the magic brown box that appears next to the front door.  BOL.

Now, I get my medication forced down my gullet and my yapper held shut until Mom knows I have swallowed "my just desserts".  She's not very funny is she, that mom of ours.

So that is the news from the Papillon Pack.  We've been following all of our pals, but haven't had the energy to always comment or post lately, but as long as we are all on the road to recovery....we'll do better to stay in touch.

Sniff at ya later ~Misty~

And just so we don't leave this on a downer, here are some summer shots of Seattle - the weather has been worth sitting out in the sunshine for a good snooze.

Mom works right there...to the left, of the photo that isn't on this shot.  

Sea Plane at Night.
PS - that big smoke stack building is the part of the
Fred Hutchins Cancer Research buildings.
Those mountains in the background - The Olympics.

At the top of the hill....Take a left and we live that way.


  1. Yikes! I've been wunnerin bout all of yu.
    Take care!

  2. Sending healing thoughts your way. No Bodka Dwip?!?!

  3. Momma an' me, Zaidie, hab beened wunnerin' 'bout yu pupses, tu. OMD!! Fanks fur da pupdate. We shur hope yur Mom r gonna be feewin' bedder soon. We hope fings continue tu impwobe. Sending hugs an' kisses an' all all kindza gud thots an' stuffs tu all ob yu <3

  4. Hope your momma are feelin all better. She shoulda gotten dat Bodka Dwip™.

    And dat peein don't sound like too much fun.

  5. Oh my!! I sure hope your Momma is feeling better really really soon!!

  6. Hopin' yer Momma is all better real soon... my Momma sez to just shove dose pills down da pups throat, hold it closed, and den rub da pup's throat... I sez she shouldn't be givin' tips on makin' pups take der pills.. it ain't fair!

  7. Hey, Misty! How yu pupses an' yur Mom r duin'?? We hope hur r feewin' bedder.

    1. Hey Zaidie. We'll find out next week after something horrible called a "Cat" CT scan and visit back to the human V-E-T. All I can tell you is she sure feels better than 2 weeks ago, which is better than 4 weeks ago for sure. Thanks for thinking of us!!

  8. Crikey Misty ..... I missed this while Mum and Dad were overseas and I was being neglected. I'm so sorry to hear you have all been having such a rough trot. I hope things are a bit better now. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. It was good to see your pretty face.

    1. Thanks Charlie - Glad your pawrents are back.
      'cept this is Scooter hijacking Misty's account. BOL