Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Beauty Comes at a Price.

Hey everypup ~Misty here~

I've been told, although the Royal We disagree, that beauty comes at a price.

Is this the price to pay for my own natural beauty?

This is not necessary.
 When in my o'natural state I look so much better.  I know you pups would agree that the above ABUSE should be called into the SABA (Society Against Bathing Animals).

State of O'Natural.
 Speaking of Natural.  Get a load of that moss on the side of the deck.  In the Pacific Northwest it never goes away.  Check between your toes.  Are they webbed or sporting moss?  BOL, a little PNW humor there.

Fluffier Fur Sure.
As Queen Misty of All I Survey, I express my opinion of the B-A-T-H through my brother Scooter.

B-A-T-H-S are for HUMANS!!!

The Royal Dismissal.  
 And yet she still stands there thinking she will get me to look happy about the days events.  Do you see a single SNACK™ in my mouth?  Do you see any sort of new toy to play with?  Do you see anything but, well ME?
Don't make me call my Bawdy Guards™ out on you.
Step away Pupparazzi, just step away!
Beauty comes at a price.  Or so they say.  I'd like to know who "they" are, because I have a stern lecture to deliver on this topic.

Sniff at ya later ~Queen Misty of All I Survey~


  1. Well, it are pretty clear ya are like me and look better dry. Momma calls my wet look da drownded rat look. Like she are a prize herself.

  2. Crikey Misty, Whitley's right. You do look much better dry but you don't look all that bad wet, either. I think you deserved a treat of some kind for suffering that indignity too. Did you not get ANYTHING????

    1. Hmm Charlie - let me think back about this.
      Yes, I believe we all got carrots. So that is a big fat NO.

    2. OMD, cawwots??? *drools* BOLBOL :D Jus' kiddin'!!

  3. Yu rawk that queeny look, wet or dry.

  4. Misty, yu r stunningwy beeyooful no madder whut da heck kinda torchur yur Mom puts yu fru!